I'm unhappy with the way I built something in Minecraft, and want to replace the spruce leaves with oak leave to match the rest of the build, but I do not know how to. Can someone tell me what the block data is?


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/fill command fills a region with some blocks or replaces specific blocks with other ones. Especially for your case, execute this:

/fill ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~10 ~10 leaves 0 replace leaves 1

Where ~ ~ ~ is the first position of the region, and ~10 ~10 ~10 is the opposite position of the previous one. leaves 0 and leaves 1 are for oak and spruce leaves respectively. Syntax of the fill command.

Block data is needed for differing various block variations from each other. For example, whether waterlogged the block or not. You should check block data for each block separately. The block data of leaves.

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