I'm making a prison in a minecraft realm and found a post with a piston moving a block in circles, will the piston continue moving when everyone leaves?

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    I assume the pistons will not move, except for in spawn chunks (because the rest of the chunks aren't loaded unless someone is nearby)
    – Esther
    Jun 17 at 1:41

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Time in the sense of day/night cycle and weather passes while no one is on, however in all other senses time doesn't pass in a given chunk unless a player is online and nearby enough (although for a small set of chunks near the default spawn, "nearby enough" is anywhere in the Overworld). Source

So the piston should stop once everyone leaves.

Flying machines / redstone contraptions with slime/honey blocks at chunk borders break when chunks are loaded/unloaded. Source

When someone joins back and the piston is in loaded chunks, and if on chunk borders, they break, else they continue moving.

  • Just replying to DialFrost, would that mean that once someone rejoins the server, the pistons resume movement?
    – Cup
    Jun 17 at 21:50

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