I was browsing through the Steam achievements for Railway Empire (PC) and observed one called "Let's Go":

Achievement screenshot

Let's go! First scenario completed successfully

I haven't gotten this achievement, but I have completed several scenarios successfully: I've almost finished the US campaign (still in the middle of "The West"), and have also beaten several scenarios on Free Play (The South as President; France as CEO; and a random map as Stationmaster), and also one of the Scenarios (Black Gold / the South)

What are the criteria for this achievement? Does "first scenario" refer to a specific scenario, or possibly the campaign?

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Each scenario consists of a number of mandatory tasks with a few optional extras. For each scenario simply complete the mandatory tasks within the time limit and you will complete the scenario.
However, as each map requires a President rating for the respective trophy, it is advisable to try and complete all the optional tasks as well.

This is an extract from this trophy guide on PSN Profiles.
The achievement is called in a different way, Here we go, but the request is the same.

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