I'm playing Minecraft, and Suddenly I get kicked and it says Failed to log in: invalid session. I retry, and it says the same thing over and over. I restart my game, nothing. Even my launcher, nothing. I even switched to a client, but it still doesn't work.. Is there a fix?
Also, I didn't migrate my account because I can't. I tried restarting my computer, still didn't work. I'm on Lunar, and I don't know if that's a problem.

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    Possible duplicate of Is there a list of error codes for Minecraft? (could also be closed as technical support for modded Minecraft)
    – pppery
    Jul 11 at 15:51
  • nope.. I don't know what else I can do. Jul 11 at 15:53
  • Exact same issue here, using unmigrated account and suddenly getting invalid session... No response from Mojang, really hoping this isn't the final nail in the coffin for unmigrated accounts
    – Jeff Chen
    Jul 11 at 22:13


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