I'm making a minecraft map with some of my friends and we're looking to make Zombie Piglins automatically angry upon summoning them.

I've looked into it a bit and there are a few things I've found. In versions prior to 1.19 (or at least around 1.8), the nbt tag {Angry:100} would allow you to make them mad. However now the tag is split in 2: it's now {AngerTime: *x*}, the amount of time the entity is angry for, and the actual issue, {AngryAt: []}, which is a list of the UUIDs of entities it's mad at. The problem is that when spawning a zombie piglin, you can't do something like summon zombified_piglin ~ ~ ~ {AngerTime:100,AngryAt:@a} or anything, you need the actual UUID of the player entity, but since this is a map I don't know what the ID is. Is this a thing I can do, or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

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    I think you have a misconception, the nbt tag AngryAt does not store multiple entity UUIDs, it only stores 1. It is stored in a list because UUID's are separated into 4 numbers.
    – ginkgo
    Jul 14 at 14:43

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First, summon a normal zombified piglin, then run the command /data modify <piglin> AngryAt set from entity <player> UUID to copy the player's UUID to the piglin.


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