I am playing Trackmania: Nations Forever on steam, but my system is Arch Linux. And I cant find anywhere to put my custom maps. Where are they stored?

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Welcome to the arqade!

While I don't know how TMNF installs on Linux, I can give you some hints as to how to find the location. I wanted to post this as a comment at first for that reason, but it would have been hard to read.

Idea 1

On Windows, downloaded maps for TMNF are put in this dir:


By that logic, you could look if ~/Documents/TmForever/... exists.

Idea 2

Create a map using the map editor and save it. It needn't be any good, it just has to have a name. Then, search for it using something like

find ~/ -name "<trackname>.Challenge.Gbx"

You might have to fiddle with capitalisation; if all fails, start the search at / and search for <trackname>*

Created maps are stored near the place you'd put your downloaded maps, i.e.

                                My Challenges/<trackname>.Challenge.Gbx
                                Downloaded/<PLACE TRACKS HERE>


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