The first three Borderlands games got a update on Steam today, July 22, 2022? What did it do?

There's no News on the Store pages to tell me what happened.

Seashell the Otter says:

By the looks of it, the only thing that's changed is that they've removed the ads for Wonderlands. There's apparently even a website listing "patch notes" that are completely false, too, which I find hilarious.

Although some people are reporting graphical issues and crashes, so was it just that?

And on August 5th 2022, another update occurred which seems to have restored the ads?


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At the moment, the only official source of info I can find on the updates is this 2022-07-22 tweet from the official Borderlands Twitter account:

@Borderlands: Today we released updates for BL1, BL2, & TPS. These updates made changes to the in-game news. We are currently investigating issues that have appeared since the updates went out, including how some text is displaying and console players being stuck loading the game.

Various reports at Reddit /r/Borderlands: [1] [2] say that the advertisements for Gearbox Software's recent game, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands were removed ("changes to the in-game news"), among bug reports about glitched text.

Now the counters in missions show up with weird characters in between the numbers.

[...] there's a cosmetic problem with the display of numbers in text fields (like when mission instructions say to "collect X/Y thingies", where "X/Y" should be, say, "13/20", the numbers end up with fraction symbols and such in them).

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