The question How can I write SOS with 11 chances?, despite being tagged , is clearly not about The Impossible Quiz. It includes this screenshot:

you can turn max. 11 red circles into green

So, what game is this about?

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    I found this page in Korean talking about the same game, but based on google translate it doesn't look like they mention the name anywhere (it's tagged "Epic Seven" but that seems to be unrelated) Commented Jul 26, 2022 at 19:21

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This is from The Silent Sea - Moon Escape

It's a puzzle game that is a promo tie in for the Korean Netflix series The Silent Sea

enter image description here

I found it by doing reverse image search on all of the "inventory" assets and found it with this one:

enter image description here

Without giving any spoilers to solving the puzzle, the sos room is the 2nd room of Storage 5.

The game lets you pick b/t Korean and English.


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