What determines the type of boosters I receive after releasing a blade? Is it based on the type of blade I'm releasing or is it random?

Getting boosters after releasing a blade

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As the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wiki states:

Releasing yields certain resources to the player, usually boosters corresponding to the Blade's element. The quantity and type of items received upon release is determined by the Strength of Blade.

Here's a chart:

enter image description here

◆ = booster corresponds to the Element of the released Blade
❖ = booster received is random

And according to several sources:

  • Bravery Booster has Fire and Water affinity
  • Truth Booster has a Wind and Ice affinity
  • Compassion Booster has Electric and Earth affinity
  • Justice Booster has a Light and Dark affinity
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    Extra note: If you don't have enough inventory space for the boosters you get, the game pretends you didn't get them at all (doesn't tell you anything).
    – Toomai
    Jul 29 at 12:06

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