While exploring the world, you can come across the following resources:

  • Collectibles
  • Husks
  • Husk Groups
  • Containers
  • Skirmishes
  • Ether Channels
  • Airdrops

From what I've gathered so far:

  • Collectibles can respawn (as in other Xeno games)
  • Ether Channels respawn
  • Containers do NOT respawn

However, there are other random events that I'm trying to understand. Since you get Nopon Coins from containers and sometimes from skirmishes, it would be great if skirmishes could respawn, but they do not seem to let you choose another side or the same side to repeat rewards. To this end, are Nopon Coins limited?

Similarly, Husks / Husk groups are great for getting some affiliation with different colonies, but I can't quite tell if they appear randomly as you explore / load into a map, or if they're set. Basically, if these are limited it makes sense to get them as you see them. But if not, you can be a little more lax and come back to them later. So, do these respawn?

And, lastly, do airdrops spawn randomly?


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