I am making a RPG/Dungeon Crawler datapack and I want to procedurally make dungeons throughout the world. I have somewhat figured out how to make the dungeons, but I want the monsters to be random (e.g. what gear they have equipped).

I would use a loot table to make the monsters harder to kill and be more profitable in a more vanilla way, but I don't know whether it's possible, or how it would be done.

How can I link a mob's armour to a loot table's results?

  • It does. Thanks much @ExpertCoder14 Aug 9 at 12:47

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I would use /loot to replace the mob's armour:

execute as @e[tag=mob] run loot replace entity @s armor.feet 1 loot datapack:feet_loot
execute as @e[tag=mob] run loot replace entity @s armor.legs 1 loot datapack:legs_loot

and so on.

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