I want to change right/left hand in the controls menu, so I map left hand with M1 and it works, but then the cursor freezes and it's still saying "Press a button to map this action." And if I click anything else (say e or enter), it maps those button to the action and I basically can't get out of the menu with mapping M1 to left hand, if that makes sense. So how can I do it?

  • I've tried that, At first it says LeftHand M2 RightHand M1 Go to right hand and switch it to M2 and they switch around If you go to LeftHand it becomes a bug and it just keeps telling to press a button.
    – user15914
    Dec 5, 2011 at 4:34

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The problem is that you are highlighting the option again and Skyrim is VERY liberal with what it determines as a click. Move the cursor away from the selection after highlighting, then hit e to activate it, then click the desired mouse remap, and it should work fine.


I'm copying this from a forum where I also replied with this exact same information.

I was having the exact same problem with M1 freezing the cursor and then pressing any other button and it being assigned instead of M1. I figured out a way to get it to work, though.

Press 7 (also called "home") in the number pad side keys on the far right provided you have a standard keyboard. You'll get a message saying "that key is reserved", M1 will still be selected for your left hand and the glitch has been out-matched. :)

Hopefully that'll help anyone having this problem in the future.


On left hand, click M1 so it binds (it'll then default right hand to M2), then just roll the mouse wheel a bit.

Works for me, although for some reason I have to do it every time I load the game up.

  • Is your INI file read-only? Nov 6, 2012 at 4:47

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