I am trying to find Mysterious Part B to complete The Riddle on the Wall quest. According to the Wiki, the part should be located in a buried treasure chest in the middle of the Brionac Occupied Zone in the Empire of Mor Ardain. I've gone to the spot shown in this video where it should be buried but there's no excavation site.

Why isn't the excavation site for Mysterious Part B appearing?

Location where Mysterious Part B should be

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The excavation site for Mysterious Part B won't appear until you've found and deciphered the Mor Ardain Murals.

Location of Mor Ardain Murals

To reach the Mor Ardain Murals, fast travel to Empire of Mor Ardain > Alba Cavanich > Nharil Central Plaza. Turn right and climb two sets of stairs to the roof. Walk north until you reach a set of boxes to access the roof. Head back south towards Hardhaigh Palace and use another set of boxes to get over a railing. When you get to the end, jump across to the building straight ahead. Fall down to the left to find the mural next to a ladder.

Once the mural has been deciphered, the excavation site for Mysterious Part B will appear. If you have Riddle on the Wall as your active quest, the chest location will be marked on your map.

Visible excavation spot for Part B

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