I have the flying carpet and the flying castle. I have beaten the giant monster bothering Briscoletti at Mostroferrto tower. I got the Zenithian sword, helm, and shield. I think I have run out of plot threads to pull.

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Drawing on the Wiki and its info on the Story:

So, your wife's delivered the twins and you've had the coronation... It seems like you should climb the Knightmare Towers north of Gotha?

  • That is a handy story link. Thank you.
    – spriteless
    Aug 12, 2022 at 20:54

She is held and under a curse in the Zugzwag Temple that the main character was forced to build as a boy. I can't get there yet as I have to complete the Tower of the Dragon, on a continent not reachable before getting the floating castle.

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