During chain attacks there is a damage multiplier which increases how much damage attack arts do to an enemy. Does this damage bonus multiplier apply to healing arts?

150% damage bonus


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Based on some testing while fighting regular and elite monsters, the "Chain Boost" does indeed affect healing arts. However, the boost is calculated differently with healing arts, resulting in only a few hundred points difference rather than thousands with combat arts.

Below is an image while fighting a standard monster (I'm currently controlling Mio as a Tactician). By using the AOE Healing Art "Stormy Skies", my units were healed anywhere between 573 and 5911 points of HP.

Mio Tactician, ~500/600 HP healing

Below are two screenshots while also using Mio as a Tactician, and using "Stormy Skies" while doing a Chain Attack. The first screenshot has a 300% boost and the second screenshot has a 543% boost. The difference in healing between the 300% and 543% boost is negligible2, and "Stormy Skies" did in fact heal an additional ~150 HP during the chain attack.

Mio Tactician, ~730 HP healing, 300% boostMio Tactician, ~730 HP healing, 543% boost

1 This number was the same while fighting a standard monster and elite monster, this was just the image I uploaded

2 Again, this is probably due to how it calculated differently than combat arts. I plan on testing around with higher damage boosts to see how much this gets affected.

  • Maybe chain attacks give a buff to healing unrelated to the damage bonus percentage?
    – Stevoisiak
    Sep 8, 2022 at 14:05
  • @Stevoisiak Quite possible. If that is true, then it's probably a hidden modifier Sep 8, 2022 at 14:48

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