Is there a way to have local leaderboards for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, à la retro arcade games?

I play KTANE with several different local casual teammates. Upon completing a bomb, the game's current behavior is to record the best time played on my Steam account. However, this offers no way to keep track of what team made the record. I would prefer to have some way that players can record their names on a local leaderboard.

For a game that centers team play and local play, this seems like it would be a common use case. Despite an active sizeable modding community I have been unable to find any mods or discussion of this topic. I've not had success googling, searching r/ktane, looking at in-game options, or looking at Steam Workshop mods. Is there a mod or workaround that allows for local leaderboards? (i.e., multiple named record entries from a single copy of the game)


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