I've started playing Stellaris for the first time and have integrated a few factions into my quickly growing empire. I've established sectors where there are colonies in close proximity, but any planets that more than a few hyperlane jumps away remain as frontier worlds.

These frontier worlds are situated right next to my sector's capital planet but due to hyperlane travel is technically four jumps away. Due to it's superficial proximity I'd like to add this planet to my existing sector, but I only see options to declare it as a new sector.

Is there a way to add distant planets to existing sectors?

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Old versions of Stellaris allowed us to add/remove systems to/from a sector. This is no longer a thing.

When a Sector is created it will extend 4 hyperlane hops from the sector capital. Each time I've changed a sector's capital that radius seems to decrease. My general technique is to identify which world I want to be the new capital, delete the sector entirely, then create it anew.

Honestly, the biggest cost of a new sector is the Governor, and having a governor training in a small sector for when the guy running the larger sector passes or becomes corrupt is a good thing.

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