I saw this reddit post:

Yeah that's what I wound up doing. Finished the game today actually. But it turns out that I lost a round to Apollo in the first fight only so... RIP.


And I managed to not let Apollo win any rounds of the ''first'' of his '5 out of 9 rounds' duels.

Now I'm on the second duel. Do I need to do perfectly this time to get something special? Or is it just winning against him in the duels at all, that I need to care about?

Something being a Trophy / Achievement / Dialogue, etc. Anything in-game that changes with a 5-1 Lea Victory vs. a 5-0 Lea Victory in the second duel.

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Yes, getting 5-0 on every duel nets the True Spheromancer trophy, which is one of the Special trophies, not a Combat trophy.

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