It's our first time playing Gang Beasts and we are stuck at this screen.


It's the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The game is officially listed as supporting multiplayer of 1-4 players on a single system.

But there appears to be no way for the other three players to join.

We confirmed that all four Joy-Cons are paired.

We tried all the common methods of joining a multiplayer game with detached Joy-Cons:

  • Pressing + or -
  • Pressing and holding L and R simultaneously
  • Shaking the Joy-Con

We have tried this both from the menu, and after starting with a single player.

We have tried various modes...but no luck.

We just want to do a local couch multiplayer battle. What do we do?

Everyone was stoked to play this game, but now it's total buzzkill.


I got it working by pressing the "accept" button on the non-P1 controllers. But I don't know why this didn't work before. I don't really have enough info to post a complete answer yet. In the meantime, someone else feel free.

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This is not an in-depth answer, but basically here's what you need to do:

(This answer assumes most players will be using the detached Joy-Con configuration.)

Each player should press the Accept button as soon as you reach the local multiplayer screen.

↑ In the above image, Accept would be X, and Back would be A.

Then use the Left Thumb Stick (↔ left and right directions) to choose an outfit.

Then press the Accept button again to accept your customization. Your character's arms will be raised in a "let's go!" position as soon as you do this.

Once all players have confirmed their choices, and their arms are raised, a countdown to gameplay will begin.

(At this point you still have a chance go Back if you want to change your configuration.)

It seems some options for Player 1 must be customized before entering this screen, but I need to study this more before I post info on it.

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