In Astroneer, I drilled down to the core on Desolo. Basically, I drilled sloped passageways and set down tethers as I went, eventually breaking through into the big open area around the inner core. Then I jumped.

I don't have the necessary materials to activate the core (zinc, if I'm reading this iconography right). But I've got some at my base, so I want to head back and get it. Except ... I can't figure out where I jumped from.

There are some pink spires leading down towards the core; if I jump on them, I can climb back up to the normal-gravity/dirt part ... but then I start draining oxygen and I don't seem to be near my actual tunnels. It's also extremely disorienting down here with the changing gravity, so I'm accidentally retracing my (incorrect) footsteps a lot.

How do I get out of here?

Help, I'm lost...

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I got myself out of this by committing suicide, which respawned me at my field shelter. Before I did that, however, I stashed all my valuables off my backpack in the center of the core, since I knew I'd be back.


  1. Go to the core, where the activation slots are.
  2. Remove all items from backpack that you consider valuable and place them on the ground here; they will still be here when you return after respawning
  3. Climb one of the pink/purple spikes out to the rock/dirt layer.
  4. Suffocate.

After respawning, I picked up the necessary minerals for activating this core, headed back down, and after picking up all my dropped loot I was able to teleport out of the now-activated gateway.

I've no idea if it's possible to escape otherwise in the given scenario without committing suicide -- the core is massive and the sphere around it is huge. Given that I jumped in through a hole that was not at one of the spikes, it could be anywhere on a very large area that would take a very long time to search. The suicide route seems the most efficient way out of the scenario.

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