Starting from version 3.0 with Sumeru release, the world quest Aranyaka is a big cluster of quest lines when you enter Part II of it (Dream Nursery)

The only quest line I have finished from part II is the one with the infamous Aranakin and his friends (I now have the whithered Kusava)

Do I have to finish all of Dream Nursery to unlock Sumeru's "tree" where I can submit my dendro sigils? Or do I have to finish a specific Dream Nursery quest line? Or worse, do I have to finish Part III and/or Part IV?

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According to this website article

once you complete 'The World of Aranara' part of 'Aranyaka Part 2', you will then receive the 'Trees and Dreams' Word Quest automatically

  • "Trees and Dreams" is it then? Thanks a lot
    – prout
    Commented Oct 20, 2022 at 11:01

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