I know about the Glitch that allows to be a Telvanni and Hlaalu member at the same time, though I haven't tested it yet, and one can cheat ones way into all houses. But since the last stronghold quests involve the other two house's strongholds, I'm afraid that simply joining all houses and doing the quests will somehow screw up all but the last stronghold.

So, how to proceed to obtain all three strongholds in full extension? I'm not opposed to cheating, though achieving this as honest as possible is preferred.

edit I'm also fine using a mod, if you can suggest one that solves this without much interference1.

1 actually, interference that modifies the dialogues such that the Nerevarine joining all three houses sounds more plausible wouldn't be that bad...


I hope this helps


  1. Location : Tel Vos/Just outside Balmora

Involves minor glitch House Telvanni : Kill Raynasa Rethan. Issued by Master Aryon House Hlaalu : Being member of house hlaalu

Way around: To avoid this, complete the quest to kill Raynasa Rethan first, and then you can use the glitch to join House Hlaalu. This way you get to complete the House Telvanni quest, and Raynasa's stronghold will be empty, allowing you to take possession of it.

  1. Location : Tel Vos/Gnisis/Morag Tong Hall

Morag Tong: Grandmaster writ for Baladas Demevanni. Issued by any MT quest giver. House Telvanni : Convince Baladas to join the house. Issued by Master Aryon

Fighters Guild : Kill Telvanni Agents. Issued by Eydis Fire-Eye House Redoran : Halt mining operation. Issued by Garisa Llethri

This is the quest that caused me to start from scratch. When you travel to the Caldera Ebony mines, DO NOT FREE ANY OF THE SLAVES just to be safe. You can free some, but there is one slave in Slave Shack 1 called Dahleena, who is a female Khajit. She must still be in that shack later, in order for you to complete a house redoran quest given by Garisa Llethri. Note: It is still possible to complete the quest if you have already freed Dahleena. You can kill the two men in charge, but you will not get a reward.

Playing as a high elf, I had advanced to the rank of wizard in House Telvanni. I then learned that I needed a mouth to advance further. Once I had my mouth, i automatically advanced to Master, without asking. Once you have the rank of Master in House Telvanni, you cannot advance any further, which meant I could not become Arch-Magister. To avoid this, you MUST get a mouth when you are still a spellwright. That way, you will advance automatically to Wizard, and then you can ask whoever your sponsor is about advancement, and they will tell you about the opportunity to become the new Arch-magister.

Another glitch, mentioned earlier, by killing Orvas Dren (Duke's brother) and then talking to Vedam Dren about "Commona Tong", he will make you a member of House Hlaalu, regardless of what other house you are in. However, if you are a member, a character named Raynasa Rethan, who should be in the Hlaalu stronghold just outside Balmora, will not be there and this causes you to be unable to complete a quest from Master Aryon that requires you to kill her.

And this:


It's actually possible to be a member of House Hlaalu and one other house at the same time. If you join House Telvanni or House Redoran first, then slay Orvas Dren or convince him to allow you to become Hlaalu Hortator (you will do this for the Main Quest), you'll be able to speak with Duke Vedam Dren about the Camonna Tong, and receive the message, Yes, I heard that you were the Hortator of House Hlaalu. You could not hold that rank if Orvas Dren did not wish it. Since you already have some agreement with Orvas Dren, I will name you the new Grandmaster of House Hlaalu. This is followed by a raise in Hlaalu rank, which can be repeated for more free promotions. If you check then, you'll see that you are a Retainer in House Hlaalu and can do the quests, although some conflict, like e.g. Odirniran/Telvanni at Odirniran, where being in both Telvanni and Hlaalu you'll have to kill everyone there; also Rethan Manor will appear and it is required that you kill the owner of it. It is, however, impossible to join both House Redoran and House Telvanni without cheating or modding. You can acquire two strongholds, but Vedam Dren won't issue you another contract, so you'll have to steal it from him then unbuild the Hlaalu stronghold via the console: set stronghold to 0 [edit]Notes

PC Only This bug is fixed by the Morrowind Patch Project. When enabled, the topic Camonna Tong is not available when speaking to Vedam Dren. To avoid some confusion, you need to have heard of the topic Camonna Tong before this is possible. To access this, talk to Larrius Varro at Moonmoth Legion Fort and he will give you a quest looking for bad people. Then speak to most commoners about bad people and they will mention the name of the crime syndicate. Then you should be able to speak to the Duke. Every time you click on the Camonna Tong topic, you jump two ranks in the House Hlaalu.

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