I really have no clue what isn't working here. I have these lines of code:

execute as @a[scores={skillTry=1..}] rotated ~ 0 run tp @s ^ ^ ^3

execute as @a[scores={skillTry=1..}] run scoreboard players set @s skillTry 0

So what's happening is when I right click (Turns skillTry to 1) it literally just teleports me to 8,-62,11. I don't know why.

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The only thing you need to change is where the command is executed, currently, it executes as the player but at the command block.

Change to this:

execute as @a[scores={skillTry=1..}] at @s rotated ...

Just added the at word to make the command execute at the player, wich is needed for the tp command to teleport relative to the player and not the command block.

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