Background information

I've been playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I'm using the official Android build. (I've never tried the unofficial omni-platform version.)

At unpredictable moments — maybe once every few hours or so — a bug gets triggered. I'm not sure what triggers it.

When the bug has been triggered:

  • I can walk left and right, as usual.
  • I can look up and down, as usual.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot jump. When I tap the right half of the screen, the translucent jump button is not depressed, and my character does not jump.
  • I can pause the game in the usual way.
  • On the pause screen, I can try to tap "Continue", "Restart", "Settings", or "Exit". If I try to do so, the pressed button lights up in yellow, but does nothing. If I tap the Back button on the system navigation bar, this resumes the game successfully.

I'm not sure what triggers the bug. And, once the bug has been triggered, I don't know of any reliable way to get the game back to normal, other than to close the app completely and launch it again. So, I'll lose all the progress I've made since the last time the game saved itself.

My question

How can I troubleshoot the problem, and get more information about what's going wrong?


I'm running version 1.6.0 of Sonic 2 on Android 8.0.0 "Oreo" on an old LG G5. I've enabled developer mode, and I have Android Studio installed on my computer. I can successfully open an adb shell.


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