I was doing some cooking today and realised that I have no 4 star healing dishes.

Most of the healing foods seem to be 3 star. When I say healing food, ones that recover HP, like this Northern Apple Stew.

Northern Apple Stew

Are there any 4 star HP recovery foods in Genshin Impact?

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Currently all recovery items are assigned a rarity of 3 or below, as you can see in the table available on the wiki here.

It is also worth noticing that all four star dishes are atk / def booster since all potions are three star. Also, as now there is only one five star dish: Adeptus' Temptation, whose recipe is found hidden in a chest (worry not, a side quest will actually send you there).

... which you can actually make yourself in real life with the official recipe. If you can read Chinese, that is... Or you can go to Mori channel for some fan made unofficial version:P

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