I am creating a server where a certain item is banned. How do I get to know if a player has it in their inventory, and, if so, how can I delete all instances of it using command blocks?

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You can use the clear command.


/clear @a minecraft:flint_and_steel

@a is a target selector which selects all players. You can supply any item ID instead of minecraft:flint_and_steel. The Minecraft wiki should tell you the ID of any item on it's page. For example, see the Sword page for all the different sword IDs.

Because you need this to execute every tick, make sure this Command Block is set to "repeating" mode. Otherwise, it will only clear the items once.


No need to detect; if an item is outright banned from the server, you just need to run the clear command on a command block in repeating mode. The command is /clear @a [item].

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