In older versions you could press d to access the menu, however in the Steam version d just scrolls to the right.

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It's no longer a single dedicated menu. The commands that were available under designation are available on the bottom bar:

  • Digging: "Setting digging orders (m)" will open a sub-menu containing regular digging, stairwells, channels, ramps, and Remove Construction
  • Chopping trees: Available directly on the menu; hotkey is l.
  • Plant gathering: Available directly, g
  • Smoothing and engraving (v): Submenu includes smoothing, engraving, mine carts, and fortifications.
  • The last button is to remove designations (x).
  • Traffic settings are on the far-right of the buttons, hotkey is T

All of these buttons, except remove designation, have advanced options for setting the priority.

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