I offered to buy ~20 Zen for 500 dilithium per zen on the exchange, but it hasn't been picked up yet. Is that because the exchange is now "broken" and exchanges take forever, or is it because I offered to small an exchange?

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Zen purchases are made on a First-in-First-out basis ranked by value. Too small an exchange offer will not delay your purchase, but too low a Dilithium-per-Zen value would.

Currently, the Zen exchange is at the Dilithium Cap; the system does not permit purchases to exceed 500 Dilithium per Zen (at the other end, it does not permit purchases to be below 25 Dilithium per Zen)

While there is lots that could be said for why that is the case, all arguments boil down to one thing: there are increasing numbers of desirable items that people can spend their Zen on, and no influx of desirable items to spend Dilithium on.

As such, there are far more people looking to buy Zen than there are looking to sell Zen. This has resulted in a backlog of unfulfilled offers — your offer joined the back of the queue, and will be processed when offers ahead of you go through. Offers to sell Zen are fulfilled near-instantly from that backlog of offers to buy Zen.

However, a small purchase might be advantageous here; if all offers ahead of you were for more than 20 Zen, and someone attempted to sell 20 Zen in exchange for 10,000 dilithium, then yours would be the first actionable purchase.

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