So I have a lightsaber I bought on the Cartel Market and I put some lv65 mods into it so that it was helpful at my level.

However during my play I have had another lightsaber drop for me which is the same level of 65, but has a huge boost to the base damage numbers.

Ardent Defenders Lightsaber vs Outlander Vigilant Saber

As you can see, they both share the same item rating of 210, but the stats very wildly between the Cartel Market item I have added mods to and the regular loot item.

Considering the difference in the raw damage stat am I losing out by using my Cartel Market saber? Or is there a mod or enhancement I'm missing to boost the base damage?

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So the reason the base dmg numbers are different was due to level scaling. I was completing a mission on Hoth which reduced my level from 70 to 41.

The scaling had changed my weapons damage to match that level. Once I checked again on Fleet the base damage was the same.

enter image description here

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