Patch 0.13 has allowed us to take our first peek at the new Streets of Tarkov location. It contains a few containers that elsewhere are generally open, or easily opened if only one finds the key clearly describing its use.

So far I have spotted:

  1. a Merin branded red car with a locked trunk, similar to those on Lighthouse location
  2. some safes in the pinewood hotel, 2 of which only accessible after unlocking doors
  3. some of the well known toolboxes, some of which showing as "locked":

A locked Toolbox

Is there a way to get these open, and will doing so reveal anything inside?

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Partial answer:

The locked safes at the pinewood hotel can all be opened using the USEC second safe key, short name "USEC 2". I have only checked them a few times, so far opening them has never revealed anything inside (I did crouch to check the lower compartment aswell).

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