I'm trying to make certain tags that certain players get but I want them to be visible above the players head, and as far as I know that doesn't naturally happen, is there some sort of command or option to make custom tags visible above name tags or anything like that?

  • Like scoreboard objectives? Feb 17, 2023 at 4:26

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Bedrock Edition

No, unfortunately there is no direct or easy way to do this with tags that you apply through /tag. The only thing you can do is set a scoreboard objective to be above a players head.

However, it might still be possible, thanks to add-ons.

You could add the various tags as various custom particles. Next, change the player model, animations and animation controllers to include these particles, probably based on whether they have the tag or not.
I am not sure if you can detect tags in animation controllers directly, if not you'll need to work around this by adding environment_sensors to the player entity that checks for the various tags being present (or not) and adding a corresponding component group with an attribute that is detectable in animation controllers, but that otherwise doesn't affect game-play.

Here is the official documentation / guide on particles, which also includes explanations on how to add them to entities:

Java Edition

A possible workaround would be to use Area Effect Clouds / Armor Stands or even better the upcoming 1.19.4 Display entity to display the tags in an entity name, while constantly teleporting the entity above the player. This will visually lag behind a bit, but it is a possible solution.

Alternatively you could think about two things (if you only need one tag to be displayed at a time):

  1. you can set one scoreboard objective to be displayed above the players heads.
  2. Teams let you set pre- and suffixes, which appear around the players name above their heads. So you could set the prefix to [tag] and players in this team would look like [tag] Playername in-game.

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