When aiming a bow, pressing ↑ opens the Materials list "Select a material to attach." Is there a way to avoid having to open this menu for every arrow that you fire, if you wanted to fire the same type multiple times in a row, whether through a menu option that I have overlooked, or some upgraded ability, or weapon?

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    This is a great question and one I have wondered about myself.
    – ahsteele
    May 16 at 3:08
  • Too bad we can't "make" elemental arrows ahead of time as far as I know, would have been great if they could. To balance, they probably could take up a bow slot for each additional stack. May 18 at 8:23
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    At least the game remembers the last material you used, so all you have to do is briefly tap up for each subsequent arrow. May 18 at 20:19

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It must be done per-arrow. There is no power or setting to make this any simpler, unfortunately.

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