Darling Burmano is the in-house chef for Lookout Landing, and very early in my adventure, he asked for an apple. After completing this quest, the next time I returned to Lookout Landing, the Chef was nowhere to be found, and another NPC with a less-memorable name was complaining that dear sweet Burmano had gone to the Hyrule Castle dining hall in order to learn a new recipe!

But that place is crawling with monsters! Obviously, I set out at once, cleaving my way through the horrors of Hyrule Castle (those black horriblins! shudders), to wind up... at the Dining Hall, with a hapless Burmano, standing above a cooking pot, muttering about Crispy Fried Rice.

Is there anything I can do to save Burmano from himself? A derelict castle is no place for such an endearing chef! I successfully cooked a Crispy Fried Rice in front of him, but he didn't seem to notice...

  • +1 because I did the exact same thing and was surprised this did not respond to my actions.
    – Flater
    15 hours ago


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