I received the quest "The Great Race: Pirates' Skyhold" from the Stable Master in my Guild Stronghold. The quest seems pretty straightfoward; participate in a race.

Quest description for "The Great Race: Pirates Stronghold". Transcription below.

Hey there, Adventurer, the racing continues! This time a race has been set up in Pirates' Skyhold.

I don't know why these races aren't set in normal parts of the Sword Coast, but I suppose this organization is looking to attract adventurers like yourself.

Think you'd be up for racing on behalf of the Stronghold?

When I set the quest as my destination, however, I get the red "no path found" indicator, and it tells me to go to the Blacklake District.

Go to Blacklake District

The Blacklake District doesn't seem to exist anymore, though, and is only available temporarily during a sub-20 leveling quest, with no pirates in sight. Am I stuck, or is there some way to complete this quest still?

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Sunds to me like a bug/issue/oversight on the Developers Part. As you quite rightfully state, Blacklake District / Pirates Skyhold was depreciated from the game (to many players disappointment) some time ago.

Either that, or you've had the quest for a over, very long time.

I would suggest dropping the quest and coming back the following day to see if it's rolled over to a new one.

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