I was wondering if there was a reputation system that makes my villagers love/hate me with things such as choosing whether or not to hang the thief, cure plagues, give to beggars, etc. impacting it.

Will being nice give me a different outcome than not doing anything? I'm trying to get the best ending.

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No, there is not a reputation system for the player character.

Since A Dark Room is open-source, I was able to verify the following:

Spoilers about event outcomes:

- For the thief event, hanging the thief results in some of your stolen resources being returned. Letting the thief go results in learning a stealth perk. Either way, after the event, you stop getting your resources stolen.

- For the beggar event, your reward is a chance to receive some scales, teeth, or cloth.

- For the plague event, your choice changes how many villagers die.

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    Might be worth mentioning that they could call their system something else other than "reputation" or "karma", but seeing that the actual event(s) code doesn't seem to increment/decrement some sort of "reputation", its safe to say no system exists.
    – Timmy Jim
    May 19 at 18:08

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