With a Great Writer, I can "Write Political Treatise":

This order will consume the Great Person and will grant a large amount of Culture.

Below for example I get +5472. How is this number determined?

enter image description here

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Like all the great people who produce a one-time large amount of something, it's based on your current output of that thing. Since the writer generates culture, it will be based on how much culture you are producing. I don't remember exactly how much it is, but it's something like 10 turns worth of your current output. It can be a good idea to wait a few turns if you know you're about to get a culture boost!


It's 8 turns worth of culture based on your current gain/turn on standard speed. Assuming it's standard speed, this should correspond with 684 culture per turn. If marathon, probably 228 or a third of standard.

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