Guess what? I've managed to handle not one, but two different Pokemon Go accounts at the same time! (I was actually considering switching to an iPhone, but thanks to the secure folder and split screen features, I don't need to anymore. Woohoo!)

Now, here's the burning question: Can I connect one Pokemon Go Plus device to my first account and another to my second account? Is that even possible? I'm dying to know!

My device is a Samsung S20 FE.

  • That would require two bluetooth radios or possibly virtualizing the bluetooth into multiple stacks. Is there any phone with that capability? I am not aware of any.
    – Jerry
    May 22 at 12:01
  • Also realize that having 2 account is against terms of service. So I would be more worried about getting a ban if 2 account are using the same up address
    – Styxsksu
    May 22 at 19:51


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