Let's say I have a save file for Breath of the Wild with several registered horses. I then start playing Tears of the Kingdom and visit a stable to transfer my horses.

If I go back to Breath of the Wild to register a new horse, can I transfer that new horse to Tears of the Kingdom? Or can horses only be transferred once per save file?

  • I'd assume only unique horses will be transferred. There's probably unique ids associated with all horses and TotK likely keeps track of what ids were imported from BotW. Commented May 26, 2023 at 11:23

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No. I ran into this same issue on my first playthrough where I did not know your horses transferred over so when I registered my first horse at the stable and learned that my previous horses from Breath of the Wild had transferred, I immediately booted up my BotW save and caught and registered a new horse. This new horse did not transfer over.

I also tried reloading a previous autosave in TotK from before I had visited the stable to see if I could get my new horse to transfer, but even after reloading the save, my new horse did not transfer over. I suspect that the game only transfers horses on creation of a new TotK save file, but I am not certain.

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