There are some fast driving cars I need to take down in GTA 4. For instance the first mission after

Niko found out that Michelle is an undercover cop and took him to an office,

and a most wanted list from the police computer.

The problem is those cars drive and turn so fast that I can barely keep up with them, let alone take them down. Shooting from the car doesn't help much either.

Any advice?

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I would say get a faster car so you can keep up with them, because the NPCs will at certain times fail and get hit by another car or drive against a wall so you can just kill the driver. Or blow it up for that matter...


What I mostly do is get a SMG with loads of bullets, and in the chase I aim at their back tires, a little below or a little up since the SMG just spams around a bit. If you hit one of them and it gets a flat, then they will spin out of control most of the time. If not, shoot the other one as well...

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