In teaser trailer of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope's 2nd DLC, I saw a pair of rabbid ears behind Rabbid Rosalina.

enter image description here

I swear it's not Edge, but who is it?

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I don't think its an actual Rabbid (at least not an actual, physically present rabbid). I think it's a decorative bobblehead like figurine that is on the desk behind Rabbid Rosalina.

I am guessing you watched this trailer, which if you watch a little further, shows a different angle of the room briefly:

figurine circled

I circled what I think you/we are seeing. If you look real close during the clip, you can kind of see it sway like a bobble head does, or actually I think its more like one of those Hawaiian Hula figurines that people mount on their dashboards in cars, which I think is what this decorative object is mimicking. It's also right next to that cup with the straw in it, which you can see in both screenshots.

  • I remembered. After i complete the game 100%, i saw menu and also rabbid doll (that thing you said) is right next to cup with straw. Commented Jun 27, 2023 at 10:20

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