Yesterday, I was playing Worms 2 when my Xbox 360 froze and I had restart, when I did all content of my 250GB HD was showing as damaged, when I restarted again, all content where gone and said that I need to format my HD. I removed the HDD from my xbox and plugged on my PC. I want to recover my save files (got saves since 2014).

Recovery Tools (Windows)

Random softwares

I used two random recovery softwares and managed to get some files, whatever most of files are unusable .zip files:



I also tryied a tool named fatxplorer, which recognized the HDD, but were unable to read it, the error message is in Portuguese, and says "the request could not be performed due to an I/O device error".

enter image description here

Recovery Tools (Linux)

In my linux OS, I've used testdisk, photorec, dosfsck, gparted and smartctl to try to get any information. I got the following data:

  • My disk does not has a partition
  • all space is showing as unallocated
  • None of the tools could identify the filesystem

Please, help me =(


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