I was watching this mobile phone review on YouTube recently, at 38 seconds the presenter is playing a mobile game that caught my attention. I'm eager to embark on this gaming adventure, but there's one hitch – I have no idea what the game is called!

I've attached an image I captured from the video:

Mobile game - snowy township in a forest, with a campfire, and NPCs chatting

It looks like the characters are saying:

Character 1: I never thought we'd be able to settle here...
Character 2: ...and provide shelter to others
Character 3: I'm so relieved

If any of you can identify this game, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Additionally, if you could provide a link to download it from the App Store or Google Play and let me know whether it's a free or paid game, that would be fantastic.


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I believe that's Frozen City. Similar screenshots can be seen on this site.

Google Play Store link can be found here.

  • thanks for finding me the game.
    – DAF
    Commented Jul 21, 2023 at 22:17

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