I was curious as to what was used to make this game.

What programming language or game engine was used to create Hogwarts Legacies?

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    Did the question need to be asked? It's not like Wikipedia already tells you what engine the game runs on. Taking information that is already widely available online and then reposting it here as a question/self-answer format doesn't help anybody
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    The FAQ links the other site because game dev questions may be suitable for that site. This kind of question is useless for Arqade, we don't matter the programming languages nor game engines because they have nothing to do with the game itself. Just because you have a curiosity it doesn't mean there must be a SE site for it.
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Unreal Engine 4, according to the Hogwarts Legacy Wikipedia Page, PrimaGames.com, Videogamer.com, and many other online sources. This was also confirmed by the developers of the game.

So, what coding language does Unreal Engine 4 use? Unreal Engine 4 uses C++, with a few modules written in Blueprint scripting. That said, you don’t need to be a C++ expert to develop games using UE4. The engine has been designed so that you can create games without having to write any code at all! However, if you want to get the most out of the engine and really customize your game, then C++ will give you the power to do that. So the developers of Hogwarts Legacy most definitely used C++ as well to customize the game.

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