I play Skyrim (GOG) on Ubuntu (using Wine and Lutris), and this bug is an ongoing debate that seems to be related to the game itself. I have looked over Steam discussions, and most of the links shared there are obsolete, and yes, there is the C button that will toggle sprint and then there is the "WASD" keypad that will do the movement. It doesn't matter what I type in between these four buttons; the player keeps moving as long as I press one of these buttons.

I am clueless about this, and I have no idea how I should fix it. I tried:

  1. Plugging and unplugging my USB keyboard
  2. Cleaning the insides of the keyboard

I am very much a noob with Ubuntu, so I don't know if changing my keyboard drivers will do any good. Help me out with this issue.

  • Please provide more information regarding the environment, including the exact OS build, hardware models, and version of the software (i.e. Gog, Lutris, TES Skyrim...).
    – Artfaith
    Commented Aug 7, 2023 at 6:45


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