I noticed that in Baldurs Gate 3 the gold you own actually just exists as stacks of coins in your inventory. It also seems to stack rather arbitrarily, with my main char sometimes having 2-3 stacks of gold spread throughout the other items.

Furthermore, your other companions also have their own stacks of gold in their inventory.

As of now gold just clutters inventory space and is a general mess to deal with, since from what I gathered it doesn't matter who carries the gold when paying for items in shops...

Is there any way to have the gold "centralised" over all characters, i.e. just one stack/value that encompasses all the gold that any of my party members have?


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Why no pool?


BG3 is, from its base, built in such a way that multiplayer introduces the lowest number of changes needed to the game. Managing loot for a party of players separate from one another in different inventories is a direct result of this - it just needs to block access to a character's inventory for non-privileged players. This includes gold and makes separate purchasing between different Characters - especially different player-controlled ones - easier to control.

Gold as a single global resource does not work neatly with multiplayer, especially as gold on other player's characters is not taken into account when in a shop.


There's another limiter: each coin has a weight associated with it, and you might want to distribute weight to prevent encumbrance. This would be impossible with an indistinct pool.


There's at least one encounter in which the amount of gold on each present character has a measurable impact on the outcome and difficulty of the confrontation. Those encounters would break if you just had a nebulous pool.

Manual work makes it... achievable

To stack all gold on only one character, manual work is required:

  • Only loot with one character, and distribute any non-gold for weight onto other characters after the loot session.
  • Sort the inventory by type after looting
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    There's also another pretty major reason why gold works this way! Gold has weight, and counts towards encumbrance. Its why your barbarians make better treasure mules than your rogues and wizards! Commented Oct 7, 2023 at 22:44
  • If you're in single player it doesn't really matter which characters have your gold anyway, when you're at a vendor in barter mode you can click the balance button a few times and it will pull gold from other characters to add to the trade. Commented Jan 24 at 1:50

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