Baldur's Gate 3 offers a fast-traveling system via waypoints. When you open the map you can either...

  • click on a waypoint on the map, or
  • click on a waypoint in the waypoint list on the right.

The former is limited to the current overview map, while the latter forces you to remember the waypoint names.

Can I somehow switch between different overview maps?

Currently my strategy is to pick some random waypoint which I am pretty sure is on the right map (not always true :P), travel there, then open the map again and choose the actual waypoint I want to go to from the new map. That seems... a bit crude for a game of the caliber of Baldur's Gate 3.

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    There was supposed to be some overview map of the whole land but this seemed to have gone poof after end of Early Access. The current system is not great - especially if you sit in your camp and want to fast travel somewhere.
    – Amarth
    Aug 16 at 15:44


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