Eldritch Blast is a Warlock cantrip, and Warlocks use their Charisma for their spells, even when you multiclass.
If I have Gale the Wizard (whose spellcasting stat is Intelligence) learn the Spell Sniper feat at level 4, which gives me a cantrip, and I choose Eldritch Blast even though I have no levels in Warlock, will Eldritch Blast use Gale's Intelligence, or his Charisma?

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This is one instance where Baldur's Gate 3 differs from 5th edition.

The short answer is: the attribute used is whatever it says the attribute is when you're picking it.

enter image description here enter image description here

For Gale, as a Wizard, this means INT. For any spellcasting class, it seems to use whatever your primary class' spellcasting ability is. (WIS for Clerics / Druids / Rangers, CHA for Bards / Warlocks / Paladins)

For anyone without spellcasting, it seems to use INT.

  • What does primary class mean? The one chose at character creation, or the one you have the most levels in? Sep 5 at 13:54
  • 2
    @CodesInChaos First one, I think. Like how my Rogue/Ranger Astarion still has a tab that says "Rogue" despite having more Ranger levels. Sep 5 at 16:54

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