Basically, I have the following set up in the nether roof. (Version: 1.19)

screenshot of setup

I made an 8x8 nether rack platform, and it goes up by about 100 blocks. The biome is the Nether wastes. Will this eventually spawn a ghast? (I've been struggling to get ghast tears because they keep falling in the lava ocean, so I want to spawn one in the Nether roof to easily get ghast tears.)

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According to the wiki, you would need to be in Nether Waste, basalt deltas, and soul sand valley biome. You are in Nether Wastes, so that's fine. You have a 8x8 platform, they require a 5x5 or more. Ghasts require 4 blocks of free space above the platform.

Is there a nether fortress below?


Yes this will work eventually, however due to the heightmap of mob spawning - where mobs spawn less frequently at higher Y values, you aren't leaving many spawn spaces available.

You can restrict the spawning to just ghasts by including a light source as ghasts spawn at any light level but zombified piglins need 11 or lower - and this should net you more ghast spawns

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