I'm trying to add a custom painting to Minecraft Java edition in a custom resource pack. I do not want to replace one of the existing painting textures provided with the games.

I tried to put an image (as a PNG) in the /assets/mynamespace/textures/painting/mypainting.png directory of my resource pack and then use the texture for an existing painting by running /data modify entity @e[type=painting,limit=1,sort=nearest] variant set value "mynamespace:mypainting", but this did not work. The painting simply changed to the minecraft:kebab variant. How can I add a custom painting to Minecraft with a resource pack without replacing an existing texture?

As an example, how can I get this image:
enter image description here
as a painting by using a resource pack? It is acceptable (and perhaps even preferable) if this is only possible if a command is issued in-game.


I'm basically looking for something like this Add sounds to a resource pack, not replace them but for paintings instead of sounds.

  • It doesn't work just like that. But maybe something with custom block models is possible that can be integrated into a data pack that makes it behave like a painting. Sep 19 at 19:45


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