Using a resource and behavior pack, I made an Echo Block which is craftable from 9 Echo Shards, and so I want it to appear in the same part of the Creative Mode inventory menu as the other blocks which are made from 9 of a special material (e.g. metals or gems). Ideally, I'd like it to appear right after the Block of Raw Gold, but anywhere in that general vicinity is fine. Right now, I tried setting the category and group (inside echo_block.json in the "blocks" folder within the behavior pack) as follows:

    "format_version": "1.20.20", 
    "minecraft:block": { 
        "description": { 
            "identifier": "addtns:echo_block",
            "menu_category": {
                "category": "construction",
                "group": "itemGroup.name.copper"
        "components": { 
            "minecraft:light_emission": 7,
            "minecraft:destructible_by_mining": {
                 "seconds_to_destroy": 5

(I tried using itemGroup.name.copper because looking at this list of group names, that was the most likely looking candidate out of the given options.)

Result: The custom block shows up as the very last thing in the menu - not anywhere near the copper blocks or the other metal & gem blocks. It is correctly tagged with the category name "Construction," though.

Here is a screenshot:
inventory screenshot

So, it looks like the line "group": "itemGroup.name.copper" is not doing anything at all. Why is this, and how can I fix it? There seems to be a similar question here, but it is a year old and has no answers.

Everything else about the block (texture, animation, mining and the crafting recipe) works as intended, just not the menu positioning.

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Before, I had been looking at the Search tab (with all possible blocks and items) instead of a more specific tab within the Creative Inventory. When viewing the "Construction" tab, the custom block does actually show up in the expandable group under the copper block.

Screenshot of "Construction" tab: construction materials tab picture showing block in correct place

However, it still seems strange that in the Search tab, the block is placed in the last slot and not next to the copper blocks. It doesn't seem likely that there is a way to "fix" this, though, and it is a minor issue.

  • Thanks - I had considered posting this as an answer instead of an edit, but wasn't sure it really constituted a solution. Since the item group is working within the relevant page, it doesn't seem likely that there is an actual fix for the "All" tab, so I accepted your answer. Commented Sep 28, 2023 at 0:29

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